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My Announcement "15 Feb 12"

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My Announcement "15 Feb 12" Empty My Announcement "15 Feb 12"

Post by Ericard on Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:00 pm

My brother-in-law's sister elder son was commit suicide since monday "13 feb 2012".

Spoilers: Her son was 16 years-old, just came back from the granny's home after the weekend. The mother however yelled him in such pain till his son grew frustations. And so her son went through his room in such lonely until he felt himself disappointed to live with such bad families. He decide to leave this world, and so he lock his room, raise himself and hang himself inside the room silently. Since in the early morning, the mother felt strange about her elder son's room was lock. The father slams and break the door until it reveals the truth moments happen to their elder son. Even the two young daughter cried for what have happen to her dear brother.

The funeral end's today, Feb 15,2012. His body inside the coffin was burned through ashes, later a few days will display his urn inside the avatar.

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My Announcement "15 Feb 12" Empty Re: My Announcement "15 Feb 12"

Post by BALDOGON on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:41 am

Goosh, such sad problems...
He is in God's blessing hands now....


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