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Defense of the Night BETA July 17 2009 (by Graph)

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Defense of the Night BETA July 17 2009 (by Graph)

Post by Ericard on Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:05 am

Casltvenia : Defense of the Night
BLOG opened at

It is finally here, the first beta for Defense of the Night. This BETA only includes the first level for testing. If you are going to download and play, I would appreciate it if you would report any bugs, grammar errors and anything that strikes you as odd so I can' patch it as soon as possible.

Anyone contributing to these things will be credited in the final version Smiley

Download link :

I'll let you look at the video, it will speak for itself ... it's also very Alpha so not everything is working on the test stage I am showing off.

*** EDIT *** Newest Youtube video

Showing off the first Level from wave 3 to boss fight. Audi sync is weird, couldn't figure out why.

I'm also doing this for fun mostly, but I like to share.

*** EDIT ***

Added FAQ :

UPDATE and some clarifications :

- Name changed to Defense of the Night
- BLOG opened at

Why the name change?

Felt more appropriate. I felt it needed to actually say something about the style of the game and the story. So Tower Defense style game about Souls.

How is Gameplay?

The gameplay is similar to Tower Defense games. While most TD games have you construct towers that will shoot something at the enemies passing through, ToS is more about setting down traps while targetting a specific enemy to shoot.

What do you mean by targetting?

Theres only one unit (tower) that can shoot. In normal Tower Defense games, the towers shoot by themselves at the enemies that are in range. In ToS, the unit (tower) only shoot at the enemy you are pointing at. This means that all shooting units on the map will shoot at the enemy you are pointing at, across the screen.

So what are the traps for then?

While you shoot enemies by targetting them yourself, it doesn't mean it's easy, because while you are doing so, the other enemies move on to their goal. This is where traps come in. You will be able to slow down enemies, poison them with a DoT (Damage Over Time), crush them with spikes, burn them alive and place sentries on the different floors.

How many units/traps will the game have?

I will use the word "units" to describe the amount, meaning it includes both "units" and "traps". Currently that are 6 units, with 2 more in the works which I will let people suggest when the BETA is out.

Does it have a story?

All Castlevania games need a story, so yes, this one has one two. It's there to explain your purpose basicly.

Where does it fit in the timeline?

Nowhere and everywhere. The current story doesn't have a set date in the timeline, and as it is right now, it could fit at any moment. It didn't seem important to me.


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