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Anime Discussion: Naruto's skill?

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Re: Anime Discussion: Naruto's skill?

Post by Ericard on Fri May 28, 2010 5:18 pm

mtptl wrote:So I was watching Naruto 94 (subs of coarse. I hate the dub). Orochimaru said something about naruto having no skill. Jiraiya said that is why he chose naruto. he doesnt want hte protegy child. Orochimaru said that Naruto was like Jiraiya when he was younger...foreshadowing? I think i read the same thing in the manga too when i read taht chapter...

anyhow, my question. Throughout Naruto (manga or the anime. Original and Shippuuden), do you think that Naruto is a good ninja or a skill-less shinobi wanna-be, or what. Back up your point with proof/reference. And please, proper answers. No "He is cool." or "he sux c0xors"

This is also without the Nine-Tails help.

Also, how do you think he aligns with the others..mostly Sasuke.
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This topic leads to the Naruto fans, too bad I am not know about Naruto..


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